Wondershare Filmora9 Review & Rating

Getting started in the world of video editing is not as difficult as it seems, but you can get a little overwhelmed with a large number of video editors that exist. If you want to make your entrance to video editing a little easier or if you are a skilled editor already and simply want to know the features of the new version, I bring you this Wondershare Filmora9 Review, one of the best software to learn how to edit video. 

Editing videos has never been easier

One of the main advantages offered by Filmora9 is its easy learning curve and how simple it is to edit videos with this program, since it is not necessary to have great knowledge to handle it. To start using Wondershare Filmora9 you only need to have the multimedia content you are going to work with, the rest is just trying everything you will find in this editor.

There are a variety of transitions, filters, titles, text and much more to choose from, so in Filmora9 you can have fun using and testing each and every one of the features available. Once you have finished any video or project in Filmora9, you can choose to do three things: save it on your computer or other devices, burn it to DVD or upload it directly to Youtube.

A clean and simple interface

Most of the time editing videos is a long task, which means that our eyes will be for a long time in front of the screen of our pc, for that reason, Filmora9 makes use of a dark interface with typographies in white and dark green color, that can be especially comfortable for the sight when we work with no rest for hours.

The working window of Wondershare Filmora9 is divided into three large sections, two at the top and one at the bottom:

  • First section: we could consider this as the most important of all, because it is from here where the user has access to the different menus and editing tools of your project (filters, effects, elements, etc.).
  • Second section: without leaving the upper part, we find on the right side the video player with the actions you would expect (playback, pause, advance or go backwards, level sound, etc.).
  • Third section: covering all the lower part of Wondershare Filmora 9, we can see the timeline. If you have worked with editing programs, you will know that the timeline is an indispensable element of any project, here you can see everything that makes up your final video, and move, cut, copy, add or remove multimedia content.

Music, text, transitions and much more

The extra editing elements offered by Wondershare Filmora 9 are almost infinite, from any type of music or sound effects, through a wide range of transitions of all kinds, different types of text, effects and even elements such as emojis, badges, drawings by hand and so on. Not only will you be able to add content that you already have stored on your computer, but you can also import directly from a camera or a phone, and even include images or videos from social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Flickr.

There are a lot of accessory tools to choose from and it would be very rare if you don’t find the ideal effect, text or transition for your project:

  • Audio: through this tab you can add music or sound effects to your video. The musical content is divided into the following genres: cheerful and optimistic music, tender and nostalgic, rock, folk hipster, electronic rock and sound effects. This adds up to a total of 76 audio tracks that you can use, but you can add your own music by clicking on “my music” to import that song or sound that you would love your project to have.
  • Titles: you have to choose the opening titles of your composition, subtitles and even final credits. There are a total of 137 options to choose from and you have a preview of each one. 
  • Transition and effects: In Wondershare Filmora9 you have 178 types of transitions to choose from, from 3D or more basic to deformed, slide-like and many more. You’ll have a nice preview of any of them. The amount of effects for the videos that you can add is quite extensive too, although here there are two distinct sections, the filters and the layers: There are 158 options to choose from.

Editing and Exporting

Filmora9 is not only easy to use, it also offers good editing power, fast rendering speed and different export formats, making it a complete program for all those who want to start editing their videos and also a good simple choice for more experienced users. 


  • Really easy to use: in less than an hour you can learn the basics of the program
  • Wide range of transitions and effects
  • Eye-pleasing interface


  • A bit hard to find a transition if you don’t know exactly where is it

Final thoughts & Rating

If there is one thing this Filmora9 Review makes clear is that this video editing program meets expectations. From my experience in editing software, I found it very intuitive and complication-free. All the editing options, the different export formats and the option to upload videos directly to Youtube, make Filmora 9 an ideal program for Youtubers and people who want to share their content online.

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Basic Tools


Advanced Tools





  • Really easy to use: in less than an hour you can learn the basics of the program
  • Wide range of transitions and effects
  • Eye-pleasing interface


  • A bit hard to find a transition if you don’t know exactly where is it