Setapp Review

The apps of our devices are the ones that help us to keep pace with the accelerated modern life, and that’s why it is necessary to improve as much as possible the efficiency with which we manage those applications so we can always have the right app at the right time. This is full of Setapp Review

After a lot of searching, I managed to find the service that meets all my expectations in terms of organizing and managing apps: Setapp, the first Mac subscription-based Apps service.

setapp review

To subscribe to Setapp is to acquire a catalog of more than 120 applications to assist you in all areas, being able to access them at the time of your preference, without internal charges, without advertising, and without occupying space in your storage until the moment you choose to run any of the apps.

I share below my Setapp Review about this useful subscription-based Apps service for Mac.

Setapp Innovative Features

The Setapp service revolutionized the way we access apps. These are some of its most remarkable innovative features:

  • Wide catalog of applications: more than 120 applications and tools available that you can try and use freely.
  • Human-selected apps: The apps offered are of the highest quality, chosen after strict efficiency evaluations and taking into consideration their public recognition.
  • Save space: You can access the catalog of all applications without losing an MB of storage, and once you choose to use an app will be when it is installed on your mac.
  • Install and uninstall whenever you want: The Setapp team knows that sometimes we install applications for just one or two uses, so they let you install and uninstall their apps as you like, which saves you money and storage space.
  • Applications sorted by category: You know what you want to achieve but you don’t know which app is appropriate to do it? Setapp organizes your apps by categories, offering only the best apps for each job. 

setapp review

Subscription-based Apps service advantages

Having Setapp’s subscription-based Apps service is as convenient and effective as subscription TV. Nothing can increase your peace of mind more than knowing you have any program you need at any time.

These are some of the most important options that this type of service allows:

  • Fixed monthly rental fee: The service has a cost of $9.99 per month and includes full access to all its applications on your mac.
  • 7-day trial guarantee: When you sign up for the Setapp service, you will receive a 7-day free trial so that you can explore the entire offer of applications before starting to pay your first monthly fee.
  • Option to cancel the subscription: You are not required to have long-term contracts for the service. If you no longer need the applications offered by Setapp you can simply cancel the subscription.
  • No internal payments: With Setapp the only payment you will make will be the monthly fee. You have access to the exclusive features of all the applications without having to make individual payments.
  • No ads: No more versions of the apps with ads and watermarks. With Setapp the best apps in their full version are within reach of your pocket.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Setapp

Before making the decision to acquire a service it is always necessary to take into account both the positive and negative aspects since nobody wants to receive a surprise that makes them regret their investment.

Next, I point out the most relevant pros and cons of Setapp:


  • Multiple high-quality apps are available in all areas.
  • Cheap monthly rental fee
  • Full Access to all the apps’ features
  • No adds or watermarks
  • Improves the organization of the apps and space saving on your mac.
  • Previews and descriptions of all apps before installing them.


  • You can’t choose between all the existing apps in the market but only between those selected by Setapp.
  • Some available apps will probably never be used.
  • The same rate every month even though you make little use of the service.

Taking into account all the benefits that Setapp offers, the negative aspects seem insignificant. For those whose job requires experimenting with multiple apps or organizing their business with a variety of digital instruments, this is definitely their best option.

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