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NordVPN Review 2019

When it comes to Internet security and privacy, the name “VPN” comes up. Virtual Private Networks have become almost indispensable for many people, offering different options and features to maintain a totally private and even anonymous connection. Today I present NordVPN Review, a VPN that has achieved a certain reputation within the computer security.

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How does NordVPN work

NordVPN is a robust VPN in all aspects, with an emphasis on confidentiality features without compromising performance or reliability. The software is attractively priced, but compared to more expensive rivals, its security protocol options do not work automatically, requiring manual configuration of protocol settings if you want to use them.

Despite this, NordVPN offers good value for money. The offer of servers is wide and is distributed in multiple regional locations of key countries such as USA, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands, among others, all with consistently high speeds in performed tests. NordVPN has no major complications of use, and installs in the blink of an eye.

NordVPN stands out in terms of privacy and security, thanks to its policy of not making data records, or its constitution in Panama – far from the jurisdiction of the USA and the EU – in addition to certain very powerful functions. 

One of the disadvantages I found in NordVPN is that the mobile application, although easy to use, lacks some of the most powerful settings of its desktop version. As for the customer service, it is informative and of high quality, but the response times are often somewhat lengthy.

Privacy and Features of NordVPN

NordVPN is a great choice for users more inclined towards privacy. The fact that it is located in Panama is a guarantee of privacy, as the EU and USA have no jurisdiction there; therefore, NordVPN is not obliged to collect any data from your personal information. The company maintains an effective policy of not keeping any records, guaranteeing that, even if a third party were to request to see your browsing history, NordVPN would have nothing to show them. Their concise privacy policy emphasizes the fact that they prioritize the security of customer data.

NordVPN offers by default a general On/Off switch and protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks, so that, even if the connection to your VPN is interrupted, your IP address will not be temporarily exposed. They also offer dual VPN or TOR via VPN to provide an additional layer of privacy if you handle confidential information. Another advantage is that they maintain their own DNS servers, to which NordVPN applications automatically connect, further protecting you from data leakage.

Excellent browsing speed

NordVPN is very reliable in delivering high speeds across all server locations, and overall performance is extraordinarily consistent. Regardless of the location you choose for your server, you can be confident to stream high-definition video with no slow-down problems, or download multiple files simultaneously.

Its low latency also contributes to its exceptional performance, making NordVPN a fantastic choice for online gamers. In my latest tests, server speeds have been improved, something to be thankful for in a network that was already going like a shot in its entirety.

Ease of use

NordVPN offers a sophisticated experience, with personalized details that differentiate it from the rest. The servers are organized by purpose as well as by region, and it has a server capacity bar, which makes it easier to choose the most suitable server for your needs.

For those who have no interest or particular hobby of comparing server loads or latency, you can simply choose a country and the application will select the fastest server with the lowest traffic automatically. Once connected, it is very easy to see your IP address, location and server load. Switching servers is also easier than in any other VPN. Installation and configuration is done in a matter of minutes and without surprises.


The settings don’t hide big secrets and are quite simplified, but still they allow a certain margin of configuration. You can activate the DNS leak protection, the OpenVPN protocol or create a list of applications that should be automatically disconnected if your connection is interrupted, something ideal for torrent users. There’s also a new SmartPlay feature that is useful if you can’t access one of your favorite entertainment services.

However, in this same aspect, NordVPN loses points for the manual nature of the use of other protocols with its service. Although compatible, certain protocols such as PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, or SSTP must be configured and used outside the application. Tutorials are available, but the process is cumbersome and not for beginners. In addition, the alternative solution for connecting to specific cities involves selecting servers and then using online tools to verify your location, such as


  • Excellent privacy and security.
  • Works seamlessly with all websites and applications.
  • Long-term subscriptions are very affordable.
  • 6 simultaneous connections.
  • Excellent functionality.
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.
  • High speeds, delivered reliably at all server locations.


  • Alternative security protocols are manual and only accessible from outside the applications.
  • Choosing a specific city should be simpler.
  • Although the mobile application works pretty well, it has been oversimplified.
  • Alternative security protocols are only accessible from outside the applications.
  • Sometimes the best servers exceed their capacity and it is not possible to connect to them at peak times.

NordVPN is a solid VPN in the different aspects and, although it has some disadvantages, it compensates very well with the rest of its functions. If you want top speed, an excellent security section and a lot of servers worldwide, NordVPN is for you.

Learn More about NordVPN on the official site.