Movavi Video Editor 15 Review

If you have ever wanted to create your very own videos either to show them to your friends and family, or to upload them directly to Youtube, but you know nothing about video editing, suffer no more! Because Movavi Video Editor Review is here.

You see, video editing is one of the most difficult things to do, mostly because a lot of the software makes everything more complicated than it already is, but this is not the case with Movavi Video Editor Review.

Movavi Video Editor

Forget about having to deal with thousands of different controls and commands you don’t get, and welcome a simple yet incredibly effective and easy to use editing software into your life.

Is Movavi a good video editor?

This video editing software is known for making this tedious task easy and fun. It will take you about 20 minutes to get to know all of the functions this software has and how to use them. And once you do, you’ll be set to go.

The Movavi Video Editor is made to be used by anyone, but especially for those who don’t really have much knowledge in video editing but would like to learn. If you are new into this world, this is definitely the editor you will want to use.

Not only you’ll learn quickly how to use it, but it has tons of useful tools that will help you personalize and make your videos something amazing, even professional looking.

What can you do with Movavi Video Editor

You can do literally anything you want. From turning all of your photos into an amazing video presentation that you can share with friends and family, to creating your very own, completely original videos.

Not only that, but you can edit raw footage from your video camera and edit it to make it look something completely professional using all of the tools available in the program.

Movavi Video Editor

The settings allow you to understand what every item does and how you can use it to upgrade your video into a unique piece. No matter how short or how long, you can create really great videos in a very easy way with Movavi.

Pros of using Movavi Video Editor

The great benefit is the fact that it is extremely easy to use. The Movavi Video Editor is literally made to be easy to use by anyone who downloaded it, and it doesn’t require you to have any editing experience.

But perhaps, the biggest benefit of Movavi is the fact that you can upload your video directly to Youtube. You can export it directly to this platform by just clicking a button.

In all honesty, if you are looking for an easy going video editing software that allows you to get more extensions but works great even if you stick to the free version, the Movavi Video Editor is the right choice for you.

Movavi Video Editor Price. Is It Free?

The very first benefit is that it is free. You can download Movavi Video Editor it for free on their website, and it’s currently available for Windows and macOS. It’s easy to download and install in your laptop or PC.

Keep in mind, however, that you can get extra filters, effects, transitions and more by simply purchasing them directly on Movavi website. But even if you decide to stick to what the free version has to offer you, you won’t be disappointed.

Learn more about Movavi Video Editor 

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Movavi Video Editor









  • Easy to use and powerful.
  • Economical compared to others.


  • Watermark in a free version