movavi screen recorder review

Movavi Screen Recorder Review

Movavi is a company dedicated to the development of different types of video editing software. With Movavi’s programs, you can edit your photos, images, and videos in an easy and fast way, as the company seeks the comfort of users, as well as please the beginners: You don’t have to be a computer expert or a professional editor to get your projects done. I bring you this Movavi Screen Recorder Review, one of the best software for screen recording software.

Today I’m going to talk about a particular software: Movavi Screen Recorder (previous name: Movavi Screen Capture), which, as its name suggests, allows you to record what happens on the screen of your computer.

Movavi Screen Recorder Review

Are you looking for a program that can capture your computer’s screen, which also has video-editing features, and is easy to use? With Movavi Screen Recorder you can do all this and more. You don’t necessarily have to use it to record the videos, as it can be a good alternative to a video editor on your computer. You can add pre-recorded videos and edit them, export them and then upload them to your social networks.

The best screen recorder software

There are different situations in which Movavi Screen Recorder may be of use to you: 

  • Create video tutorials: If you need to create some kind of video tutorial that shows what you do on screen (for example if you want to teach how to use certain software), at the same time that you record the audio from your microphone, this program is for you. When you are going to record the videos, you can select different audio sources, such as the microphone, the webcam or the audio of the operating system. Subsequently, the video editor also allows you to add different videos to the same project, as well as audio tracks, music and other media that will be in the final video. 
  • Record important moments: With Movavi Screen Recorder you can record part or all of the screen. This is ideal when you want to record things like a business video conference or a Skype video call. Don’t let those important moments remain only in your memory. 
  • Record your games: if you’re a gamer, you can record the games from your favorite video games for yourself or upload on your social networks.
  • Video editor: You don’t need to record the screen to use the video editor. Once you install the Movavi Screen Recorder you can use it as the main video editing application on your computer. Add video, audio and image media and create your projects quickly and easily. 

Pros of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • It has an intuitive interface. 
  • Advanced video editor with filters and effects. 
  • Recording in Full HD 1080p up to 60 frames per second of your computer screen. 
  • You can choose different audio sources (from the operating system, microphone or webcam). 
  • You can select a part of the screen or the full screen.
  • It has advanced tools such as video stabilization, slow motion and green screen effects (chroma) to replace the background with an image. 
  • It allows you to publish on Youtube directly from the application.

Movavi Screen Recorder Review: How to record screen

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Here are some steps to follow to start the recording process:

  1. Prepare the recorder

    Before you start, the video recorder can be set to either record the full screen or to record only a part or window. If you are going to record audio, you need to define the source of the recording, you can choose between the microphone, a webcam or even the operating system itself. You can also choose to just record the video and add the audio later during editing.
    movavi screen recorder review

  2. Edit the captured video

    Once your video has been recorded, (or if you want to add any existing video media) the next step is to edit it. Movavi allows you the functions that you will find in any other video editor, such as cut, move, paste, add audio tracks, video, images, etc. The editor is quite easy to use, so you will be able to create your projects quickly even without previous experience, as the Movavi team always chooses to develop programs that can be used even by the most amateur user. movavi screen recorder review 1

  3. Save and export

    Once you have completed your project, it’s time to save and export it. For this, you have different output formats, such as the popular MOV, MP4, AVI. The different formats available ensure that you can play your videos optimally on different types of devices.

Final words

Movavi offers a solid program with very good features, easy to use and quite intuitive. The editor allows you to do many things that you only get in more advanced video editors, and there are few existing programs that fulfill the function of recording and editing within the same application. Is it worth buying it? If you want to have both functions in one place, yes, Movavi Screen Recorder is worth every penny!