movavi review 2019

Movavi Review 2019 — A Complete Review of Movavi

Movavi is a well-known software for video editing. However, did you know that Movavi also has some other multimedia software that helps you advanced your video and image editing as well? Read a complete and detailed review of all Movavi Products in 2019. It has 6 product lines you can count on. They are:

  • Movavi Video Editor
  • Movavi Video Converter
  • Movavi Screen Recorder
  • Movavi Photo Editor
  • Movavi Video Suite
  • Movavi Clip&Go Mobile Apps

In this article, we are going to discuss them all at once. We will go in depth on their benefits and our experience after testing each product. Therefore, make sure you read this article the end, so you can get the most thorough details we are going to tell you. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Movavi Video Editor 15: Easy video editing for beginners?

The Movavi Video Editor is designed with a simple interface and a timeline on which content can be easily dragged and dropped. It is clearly for beginners and users who, without much training, turn some video clips into a short film. In another case turn some photos and videos into an animated slideshow.

Movavi Video Editor

Software feature includes a timeline of up to six different video with sound or title tracks. There are numerous transitions, effects and filters, media collections with backgrounds, music and other design elements offer plenty of scope for your creativity. 

In addition to importing already existing photo, video or audio material in all popular formats, you can also choose from a webcam directly record video or audio for comments about the microphone record. Other features include video stabilization to compensate for motion distortion and audio functions such as normalize.

Right at the start of the Video Editor, you have the choice of creating a new project or quickly creating a video in five steps, primarily for beginners. We tried this feature first.

In the first step, you select your photo, music and video material, which should be used for the fast video. The list of supported video and audio formats is substantial and includes all popular and less famous formats and codecs such as 3GPP (.3gp), H.264, MPEG-4, DivX, MPEG-2 or QuickTime (MOV).

In the next step, you have the choice between free creation or five different topics such as travel, family, love, action or birthday. Each theme has matching background music, cut sequences, and credits.

You can download more themes from the Movavi Effects Store, which can also be accessed through the browser at . A thematic set includes many titles, stickers, backgrounds, transitions, and new audio files.

If you decide on a theme, the Video Editor automatically sets music and transitions, adjusts the music to the length of the photo and video material. In the next step, it requires only the adaptation of the text for the opening credits, credits. You can also optionally do the adjustment of the text Video duration to the music length. Finally, you can set up volume balance between music and original soundtrack of the videos.

You can export the finished video to various formats such as AVI, Flash, HD Video, MKV, MPEG-4, QuickTime, Ogg Video, WebM, or WMV, or share it on YouTube for the Internet. An export as DVD or Blue-Ray with burning function is unfortunately not possible ☹

For exporting the video, you can not only affect the output quality to bitrate or FPS for every format but also fall back on ready-made profiles for smartphones, tablets, game consoles or various smart TVs. This ensures that the video footage on the target device can be played back without problems.

After completion of the export, the first own video is ready!

In short, here is the summary of my experience after testing Movavi Video Editor 15 

  • The Movavi Video Editor is very easy to use and already offers a great deal of creative freedom with filters, thematic templates, titles, and soundtracks.
  • It creates beautiful videos in just five easy steps.
  • The output of the finished film is possible in various file formats. 
  • The Movavi Video Editor also knows specific output profiles for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other devices. 
  • Upload to YouTube is also possible directly from the program.

Movavi Video Converter Review: Good Video Converter in 2019?

The purpose of Movavi Video Converter is simple. It will allow you to convert your videos quickly, for any medium and in any format. Besides, it manages to sound as well as photos and videos and says it has an easy to use interface. We suggest you check this right away.

Movavi Video Converter 19 Review

On this point, I can only congratulate Movavi because the bet is held. The interface is intuitive and straightforward.

The strength of this software is to have pre-settings for the most popular formats like AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, AAC, MP3, OGG, GIF, JPG, PNG but also for the most popular devices and media like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, and YouTube.

So, choose the format or the media you want, and the software will do the rest.

All you have to do is launch the conversion that benefits from their “SuperSpeed” technology, which as its name suggests is supposed to improve processing times.

Here are the other abilities of the video converter

  • Cut: delete a part or keep only the beginning of the video, for example
  • Crop: crop the video to zoom in on the image
  • Settings: change brightness, contrast, and saturation (Automatic button available)
  • Stabilization: correct the effects of shake in one or more videos
  • Volume: increase, decrease or normalize the sound volume of the video + remove audio noise
  • Rotate: Flip video at 90 ° or horizontal/vertical symmetry
  • Watermark: insert a watermark text or image over the entire video
  • Subtitles: add subtitles from an srt, ass or ssa file

Movavi Screen Recorder 10 Review and Test

The Movavi Screen Recorder 10 is a software for screen capture on the Apple Mac with macOS as the operating system. In the following paragraphs, I show you my experiences with the app. Here are some advantages, disadvantages, and neutral points to the program. If any questions arise, please leave a comment.

movavi screen recorder review


My Movavi Screen Recorder 10 test began with the download and installation of the app. You can download a free trial. However, I upgraded the app with a paid activation code so that I can use it for an unlimited time. Incidentally, when you install the software, you must allow it to load and install system software, depending on the security settings on your computer.

The user interface of the screen capture app

The user interface of the Movavi Screen Recorder 10 is tidy and intuitive. At first glance, there is nothing that confuses or misleads you. I like that. The control panel has all the necessary buttons and fields to start right away. In summary, the following functions can be performed with it:

  • Select display/monitor for recording if several are used
  • Crop / select image area if you do not want to take the whole screen
  • Activate the webcam and insert it as picture-in-picture
  • Set system audio volume
  • Set microphone volume
  • Start recording, pause and stop recording
  • Access the settings (click on the time display)

The menu bar extension

In addition to the program window shown above, it is also practical to realize recordings and screenshots via the menu bar. Besides, there are also shown the keyboard shortcuts with which you can start or pause a record and take a screenshot and exit the app:

Extensive options in the settings

Without wanting to go into the whole range of attitudes, I would like to mention them at this point. For example, in the Settings window, you can enable or disable a countdown. In General, you can enable and disable frame flash around the recording area, and set/remove other primary check marks. Under Files you specify the storage path for videos and screenshots; as well as for the latter the format (PNG, JPG or BMP). 

You can also customize keyboard shortcuts, set frame rates for video from 5 to 60 fps and sound quality, make webcam settings, enable effects such as highlighting the cursor when clicking, and more!

Video output with some options

In the production, so the rendering of the screenshots created, there are some possibilities. For example, you can save videos from the display or monitor in the following formats:

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • GIF
  • MOV
  • MKV

Of course, MP4 and MOV are best for most devices, as well as for uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Co. Even AVI is still okay, but not really in vogue anymore. Incidentally, besides the format, the quality (good, high, highest) can be selected, which affects the file size.

Movavi Photo Editor Review and Test

movavi photo editor review

Do you have photography hobby and looking for a good, cost-effective image editing program, with which you can edit your photographs quickly and easily? Then maybe the Movavi Photo Editor is just right for you.  Here is what I experience while testing the photo editor

The user interface is, as with the video editing program Movavi, straightforward and clear structure. You can find your way around really quickly and do not need to watch any instruction videos on Youtube. 

In the middle, there is a large “preview monitor,” on which you can see the picture, which should be edited. Above it, you will find the menu bar where all functions are located. If you click on one of the symbols, a window opens to the right of the image where you can apply the features. 

Of course, you can see the preview immediately on the picture. At the top right, you can place the finished image next to the original to see your work. To save the edited image, press the Save button. As I said, super easy and clear.

Movavi Video Suite 18 Review and Test

The multimedia software developer Movavi wants to provide easy access to video editing. The Movavi Video Suite is intended for home users and covers the following functionalities:

  • video editing
  • Video recording (via screen or camera)
  • Conversion of media files
movavi video suite 18 review

Video Editing Experience

The start menu clearly shows the various functional areas. In the toolbox for video editing, the user finds all the essential functions. It can use the program to crop clips and merge them using transitions. 

There are also more than 160 filters and special effects such as slow motion, reverse, chroma key and more to optimize and edit the video available. No specialized knowledge is required for this, because thanks to automatic processes, this adjustment can be made only by clicking.

Recording Functions

Movavi Video Suite is also suitable for recording from the monitor and an attached webcam. In addition to the full screen, the user can limit the screenshots to a selected area of the screen. It also includes a timer that allows the user to schedule screenshots. 

Besides, the software also supports voice recordings via the microphone. Thus, the video editing software is almost perfect for creating tutorials. Online videos from social networks and video portals, as well as live streams, can also be recorded and saved with the program.

Only the recording of games does not dominate the Video Suite. For this Movavi has better tools in the portfolio. It is Movavi Screen Recorder, which we have already discussed in this article. If you miss it, just scroll up ☺

Converting Functions

Also, the Movavi Video Suite also works as a media converter. Not only videos but also audio files and images quickly convert the software into the desired file format. The multimedia program supports up to 180 media formats. A time-saving factor is batch processing, which simultaneously processes several files in parallel.


Also, the Movavi Video Suite is also a digitalization tool for movies on VHS and other movie formats. For the conversion, the user must connect the respective device to the computer. Also, Video Suite lets users create slideshows, burn discs, and share videos through apps or video sharing platforms such as YouTube.

Overall, the Movavi Video Suite offers many features that go beyond simple video editing. However, the user has to do without professional functions such as multi-editing, 3D or 360-degree editing.

The installation is straightforward and does not raise any questions or problems. The start menu breaks down all work areas of the program suite. No matter which area the user chooses, it gets a short introduction about what it needs to do next.

Movavi Clips Mobile Apps Review and Test

Finally, for the mobile apps version, I personally do not feel you can have many settings as in the Windows or Mac version. However, the premium version of the apps I downloaded from AppStore gives me easy to use video editing process and shows all essential settings.

The essential settings available in mobile app version are:

  • Cut clips
  • Copy video track
  • Add background music
  • Crop videos.
  • Add background music from your iTunes library and use the built-in audio tracks.

So, which Movavi software you have tried already? Which one do you think is the best? Let me know in the comment below!