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iMovie for Windows: 5 Best iMovie Alternatives for You

Wondering if there are tools similar to iMovie? Of course, there are. iMovie is great for simple video editing, but it is not the only tool available to users. Actually, there are many alternatives you can choose from, which compared to iMovie are less well known but offer the same editing features. Here are the Top 5 Best iMovie for Windows Alternatives.

Best Alternatives to iMovie for Windows

1. Movavi Video Editor

Best iMovie Alternative on Windows & Mac

Movavi Video Editor is one of the easiest video editing programs on the market. It allows you to edit videos and audio tracks, and you can add it all simply by dragging and dropping. Its interface is much cleaner than iMovie. It gives users almost everything they need to make a great video: basic editing tools, special effects, and songs.

The Best iMovie for Windows Alternative

Movavi Video Editor is famous for its select effects: filters, overlays, motion graphics, animated text, and titles. You’ll always find the style you’re looking for, and new elements are continually being added to reflect different occasions, such as Weddings, Family and Business.

If you’re not satisfied with your material, you can use Movavi Video Editor to improve it: stabilizing the video, using the green screen to set objects in motion, changing a person’s face (face-off), applying mosaic, changing tilt, adjusting brightness and saturation, and so on.

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2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Advanced users will want to know about Adobe’s multimedia tools, which in the case of video editing features, Premiere Pro is part of their suite. If you’re looking for the most complete option on the market for working with various types of media files, it should be a no-brainer to choose Adobe’s professional-level solutions. However, with the release of Creative Suite, you now have to subscribe to the Creative Cloud program to enjoy the delights of its software.

 iMovie Alternative for Pro Users

Keep in mind that part of the productivity issue is that their solutions complement and work seamlessly with each other, so if you’re looking for a stand-alone application that can be used on a personal or even professional level, you need to give it some thought if you want to purchase any of their products. Remember that you can also try Adobe Premiere Rush if you are looking for a much simpler tool.

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3. Corel VideoStudio

Another great video editing software created by Corel is VideoStudio. Situated a little above of Pinnacle Studio, Corel VideoStudio offers some options that make it much more useful but don’t expect it to be at the level of other professional tools we talked about earlier. VideoStudio can be considered a great home video editor with some professional features, while Pinnacle can be considered a beginner level application.

Сorel Videostudio

VideoStudio is only available for Windows computers, but it will prove to be more than enough for most users, in two different versions: Ultimate for $99.99 and Pro for $79.99. Before choosing, remember that you can always use the trial version first.

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4. Pinnacle Studio

In most cases, as a user, you may just need some of the basic video editing features and a couple of special tools. If that’s the case, one of the best options is Pinnacle Studio, where you’ll find everything a basic user might need, even with some professional features. Depending on what you need, you can choose from different options ranging from $59.95 to $129.95, making Pinnacle Studio what might be your ideal software.

Pinnacle Studio

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5. VirtualDub Free Video Editor

If you’re looking for a basic but complete application for capturing and editing videos, VirtualDub could be your choice. While it doesn’t have many export options or many functions for editing its videos, VirtualDub is all you can ask for when it comes to making a quick fix.


You can cut out your video, delete scenes, rearrange it and set everything ready to look the way you want. You can then export the video to continue working on any other software if you need it. Since it was created to work exclusively on Windows devices, you can rely on VirtualDub’s performance, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost anything.

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iMovie is a great video editor available for Mac, but Windows also has other similar programs, such as those already mentioned in this list. If you still have doubts about your ideal program, you can download some trial versions and test the performance and options from each one.