Filmora Video Editor: Clean and Trendy

There are many different video editing software available in the market right now. From basic ones perfect for beginners, to more complicated software made for people with previous experience.

However, none of them is quite like the Filmora Video Editor, a video editing software that adapts to whatever you want. It works perfectly whether you are an expert or a beginner, because it adapts to your needs.

Filmora Video Editor is one of the most popular software of its kind for one great reason: It is extremely easy to use. The design and interface are clean, easy to understand and ready to be used by literally anyone with minimal knowledge on the topic.

Get to know more about Filmora Video Editor

The Filmora Video Editor is currently available both for Windows and Mac systems, and you can either get the free version or buy the full version of the editor right on official webpage.

It is important to mention both versions are great and offer a great variety of tools. However, we recommend getting the free version if it is your first time using a video editing software, just to make sure you really like what you see and get to be be comfortable working with Filmora.

Perhaps the best thing about this video editing software is the very clean and simple design that allows you to know where the tools are, what they do, and what you can do with them almost immediately, displaying them all in the home page.

Edit, create, share with Filmora

This video editing software, like we have previously said, has many editing tools ready to be used, however, you can divide them in two major groups, the basic and the most advanced tools.

Of course, they are all available once you download the software into your PC or Mac, however, ones are slightly easier to use than others, and it is very likely you’ll end up using the basic tools more than the advance ones.

Filmora interfaceWithin the basic tools you’ll encounter functions like:

  • Importing photos, videos and gifs: You can import all kinds of multimedia files into Filmora to edit them into your videos. Whether they are photos, video footage or gifs.
    Filmora even allows you to import your photos directly from any social media (Including Facebook and Instagram, for example). Not only that, but when it comes to gifs files, you cannot only import them but also edit them if you want to.
  • Noise removal: You can edit or remove any kind of back noise your videos may have, being able to play music or audio on top of them. It is a quick way to make all of your video footages make way more professional.
  • Frame by frame preview: This function will allow you to see frame by frame, editing it and playing with it second by second for a way more precise result.
  • Camera effects: You have thousands of camera effects where to choose from when editing with Filmora. From shaking, to zoom, to many other types of effects.

Now, when it comes to the advance tools, you can expect functions like:

  • Text editing: You’ll be able to add and edit text into your frames. You can choose the style, frame and even animation of the text you want to include in the video.
  • Split screen: You know that effect when the screen splits in two and there’s a video playing on each side? You can do that exact same thing with Filmora.
  • Video stabilization: Forget about having to deal with camera shake anymore, because with filmora you can take that out and make everything look stable and nice.
  • Audio Mixer and equalizer: These are two different effects combined into one. You’ll be able to  adjust the audio inevery frame AND auto-tune it if you want to as well.

Filmora interfaceKeep in mind, these are only a few of the editing tools Filmora has available for anyone who downloaded their software. There’s still so much you can do, you won’t believe it.

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