Audials One 2019 Review

Audials One 2019 Review: Record Music and Films

Using its Windows software, you can find and record music, films, TV series and Internet TV. For the company anniversary, Audials One 2019 has been released, which should make music and videos of the highest quality even more comfortable and faster. We wanted to know more and tested the program. In this Audials One 2019 Review, we are going to tell you about our experience after testing the software. So that you have made a better decision whether you should buy this or not. So, stick around!

Audials One 2019

Stream and record music from the Internet with Audials One 2019!

Audials AG has been active in the field of entertainment software for 20 years and has been quite successful since 2005. Their current flagship for finding and recording music, audiobooks, films and series, Audials AG is promoting more software benefits. Their top features are converting all media to all devices and being the fastest streaming recorder available. 

According to the company, no software stores the music as fast as Audials One 2019. Spotify’s recordings even speak of a 10x speed. It can be saved as MP3, AAC or WMA with up to 320 kBit / s automatically and includes lyrics as well as tags.

As expected, nothing has changed in the core features of the proven software. With Audials One 2019, it should be possible to save music from Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, Apple Music and many other services such as fast and free MP3s in the highest quality for your music collection on Windows, Android or also to use iOS.

Indeed, the program’s popularity also contributes to streaming audiobooks, podcasts, TV series, movies and live TV in addition to music, as well as entire recording seasons, one after the other. Accessible services include Netflix, SkyGo, Maxdome and Amazon Video. There is also access to all European TV channels from the Internet such as ARD, ZDF, Pro7, Sat1, RTL and another 37 channels.

Audials One 2019 will be optimized for adaptive streaming and current DRM mechanisms for the highest quality. The storage format is available in MP4, HVAC, H.264 or WMV.

The Use Audials One 2019 According to Law (Legal or Illegal)

To do so, Audials AG always emphasizes the absolute legality of all sorts of activities. Lawyers in general usually confirm and often believe that recording bans in the terms and conditions of some services. At least for private copying, are merely invalid and therefore not legally binding. To be on the safe side, of course, as a user you should not record or use any illegal sources.

A big advantage is undoubtedly its comfort and effectiveness of the search for content. It has comprehensive information about performers or films as well. This way, according to Audials AG, a large variety of hits, current charts, albums, and discographies can be discovered and put together. 

Audials One 2019 Radio

Audials One 2019 monitors over 100,000 Internet radios and offers more than 20 million MP3s from more than 120 genres of music. According to the company, the discovered content can then just as quickly be listened or even saved. Then you can play the recording in its music collection on the PC, in the cloud, using a smartphone, and other devices.

audials one 2019 radio

Before we go into more detail on how Audials One 2019 looks and works, here are some of the new features of the current version of Windows, followed by the opportunity to win.

  • Music style & music bot for custom music search on YouTube, Soundcloud and others, now with Spotify
  • New recording sources and mode with 4k support
  • Improved and reorganized view and operation by the function
  • New TV Player – 100 New Live TV Streams – Super Media Library
  • Optimized streaming recorder for fast recording in the highest quality
  • Stronger wish list with many detail improvements and new music sources
  • Automatically the best soundtrack for YouTube direct download
  • Merging to new view for music
  • Improved YouTube link download for directly downloading only audio tracks from music videos
  • Up-to-date device profiles to all well-known manufacturers

Audials One 2019 Review | Price

Audials AG offers a variety of editions with different features, with Audials One 2019 combining all elements. For a monthly fee of currently $3.49 or $29.90 a year, you get Audials One 2019 including all Audials Services and Pro Apps, which the provider then calls Audials Gold. 

audials one 2019 price

This ensures the functionality of the software for the duration of the payment. If you do not want to accept such a subscription, a one-time fee of $49.90 is possible. The functionality of the software will then be guaranteed until 2020. However, you will not receive any annual updates.

Audials One 2019 Review | The User Interface

In short, it is perfect. The user interface looks tidy and does not confuse. The left column is listed in categories such as Music, Radio, TV, Playlist, etc. Depending on the group selected, the corresponding content is shown in the middle main window. Below the main window is a bar with quick access to various settings and information such as formats, filtering, memory, etc., which can also be found in detail in the options described below.

audials one 2019 user interface

The right column already shows two streamed content, even if you have not recorded anything yet. As it turned out, both streams are ads that you can safely delete. Underneath is the player, which can also be used in an additional single window, with which the streams mentioned above were viewed and which also contains an equalizer.

The right column can either be widened with the mouse or as the main window with the double arrows hide entirely. If the right column is hidden, the player will appear at the bottom of the main window. The left column can be retracted to symbol size.

The player in the right column can be enlarged by dragging the column to the left and then zooming the player upwards. If you hover over the content of the player, icons will appear for playing, deleting, being checked and opening another extensive menu. These options are available in many places in the program.

Audials One 2019 Review | Conclusion

Audials One 2019 has everything you would expect from a streaming recorder and media management. At least, in our test, everything works without problems on all systems. The core functions work flawlessly with good performance. 

The settings leave nothing to be desired, and the quality of the streamed content is top. There is no reason to deny the program a recommendation. Audials One 2019 offers a wealth of features, is very convenient and intuitive to use and does what you expect. The creation of extensive collections for music and video with all the information in words and pictures, done with the fair price.

Are you planning to purchase the software? Let us know in the comment below!

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Audials One 2019




Easy of use


Recordable services



  • Excellent streaming quality
  • Easy of use user interface


  • Still a little cluttered
  • Windows only