activepresenter 7 review

Atomi ActivePresenter Review 2019

ActivePresenter is the best choice for creating screencast videos, documents, manuals, documentation and interactive training presentations. With the complete screencast editor, ActivePresenter lets you edit the audio and video, change the appearance of the content and set up the connected scenarios quickly and efficiently. Supporting the latest HTML5 web standard and the ability to integrate with Learning Management Systems, content created with ActivePresenter can be delivered virtually to all devices. In this Atomi ActivePresenter Review, we are going to tell you about our experience after testing the software.

activepresenter review

ActivePresenter Review 2019

Take a look at the Atomi introduction video before we go.

The Notable Features of ActivePresenter 7

  • Interactive content
  • PowerPoint conversion
  • Instructor-led course
  • Self-study course
  • Creation of tests and quizzes
  • Video Management
  • Importing and exporting content
  • Course Edition

Lacking Features in ActivePresenter 7

  • Instructor-led course
  • Gaming feature
  • Conceptual plan creation
  • Model Management

A Few Pros of the ActivePresenter 7 Software

Here are a few of the things you will like about the ActivePresenter software:

  • ActivePresenter’s interactivity and the user-friendly approach are high, and it is the ultimate solution to cope with your professional needs.
  • ActivePresenter makes teaching or presentation active, dynamic, flashing and audience related. All your presentation points can be packed in ActivePresenter.
  • You can also incorporate the necessary text-to-speech fragments; this makes it very easy not to forget or skip any point. The software prepares you to cope with any group or caliber of persons.
  • For teachers, your moments in front of the classroom will be accompanied by e-learning activities. Presentation on ActivePresenter have full interactive options; students are enthusiastic about working independently on tasks, modules, interactive quizzes, and hard-core-physics-exercises. 
  • Active Presenter is a super easy `basic-down-to-earth PowerPoint-like presentations with an automated output.
  • ActivePresnter has an excellent free version for evaluation and reasonably priced licenses.
  • It is easy to use and works excellent in HTML5 and SCORM uploadable to LMS or other similar sites. 
  • The ActivePresenter has full and friendly customer support via the forum or email.
  • Many user reviews have ruled in favor of Active Presenter, state that the possibilities are 100-fold compared to other similar tools.
  • Active Presenter comes with excellent editing features for both audio and video.
  • There is the pres
  • ence of interactive components which guides the audience by an adapted path, fitting the situation or the need of the audience. 
  • Presence of various types of questions and quizzes.
  • All of the results can be exported in an LMS supported by SCORM or xAPI. You can also create an automated link to Google Spreadsheets to aid you to track the results!
  • ActivePresenter supports High-definition video, webcam, audio, system sound, and screenshot recording. The program also comes with a very intuitive interface plus an ever-expanding variety of video editing features. It is free and safe to use.

A Few Cons of the Active Presenter Software

  • Active Presenter may require a little bit of learning curve before you can explore the possibilities of the software. (But after all, there is a much elaborated manual and a supporting help-desk!)
  • Hard to use javascript (at least for v6) as no scripting references are available. 

Atomi ActivePresenter Review: complete software for the production of video capsules

You will find that this software is complete, even in its free version, and that you could vary your teaching styles. Activepresenter also allows you to quickly learn, independently, to be able to use several exciting features to record your capsules.

In Active Presenter, you can import a PowerPoint presentation to introduce yourself, to add the list of points that will be covered in the capsule (learning objectives), in addition to the standards to be met for the execution of the task, which must be acquired for the performance of the work and examinations.

In Active Presenter, you can change the text and location of text boxes in slides, but it’s a pretty lengthy process because the layout is not perfect when you import them into the software. It is better to save each slide in .jpg format and import each image into ActivePresenter to save time with the layout.

You can also append slides to explain in writing the concepts of the capsule or use tooltips and captioning in Active Presenter to get complete explanations (while reducing troubleshooting requests).

Active Presenter offers several features that increase the efficiency of video clip production such as:

  • Recording sounds independently on each slide and making replay and updates easier.
  • You can edit with images, shapes, and effects to better guide users on the screen.
  • Change the appearance of the cursor so that it is more visible, zoom and spotlight function on a specific place to focus on an element, adding the cursor path to the screen, adding new features that appear and disappear on the screen after explanations are completed, acceleration or deceleration of the video sequence, addition of subtitles, etc.
  • Trimming video sequences and sound to eliminate the unexpected
  • Interactivity with the student, since Interactive Presenter allows making an interactive quiz (choice of answers, true/false, etc.).

When the capsule is finished, you can save it and export it to the video format in .mp4, and then you can easily upload it to YouTube and add the hyperlink to the pod in a file that you distribute to your audience or a website.

Using Stream instead of YouTube may be interesting. It is available in the Office 365 suite and allows you to create a channel containing all the video clips, control access to the capsules, and centralize the content of the course in the same environment. There are also other formats for exporting (see the screenshot below). In any case, the Active Presenter logo does not default to the bottom of the video, unlike Screencast-O-Matic.

You are advised to keep your Active Presenter files and your presentation in .mp4 format by saving them to your computer. It is better to compress the data because they are massive!

Is Active Presenter always the best choice?

Active Presenter is the software that professionals prefer. ActivePresenter is perfect as an all-in-one e-learning authoring package! You can use it to produce all types of presentation, which lasts from 5 minutes to over 15 and 30 minutes. You can standardize presentations using the same theme PowerPoint, the same colors and fonts to obtain a professional and consistent result. 

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